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The High Line

I've uploaded some videos, most are of double-headed K-27's
pulling a long train over the highline.

I found it!!!
Finally, photographic evidence of what I always suspected.
There is little photographic evidence of the large howe truss in
bridge 46D, and what photos I had found in the past showed the
large truss with standard bents underneath it to support it.
Finally I found a picture of the large howe truss without the
standard bents as supports.

The bridge is entirely too long for the depth. It was poorly designed,
thus it's short life. Bridge 9-A was similar, but had steel truss rods
as tensioners, thus enjoyed a longer existence.

The High Line was recently used as an 8' NarrowTrak Module
at San Jose, but construction was started long before NarrowTrak
(or whatever you want to call it) was seriously planned.

I LOVE the complex spindly look of wooden trestles, especially
Howe trusses, so naturally I had to build the RGS right-of-way
just the way it was when built. Many of the trusses were soon
reinforced or completely replaced, most before 1915.

More photos, including construction details to follow

RGS #20 drifts downgrade
across bridge 46D on the author's
highline module
Click for larger pic and more info.

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