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Riding the R.G.S.

This site is graphics intensive, in fact, one page is just a large graphic, so be warned.
My browser loads all main pages in less than five seconds at 56K, so I hope that
no one leaves because of boredom while my pages are loading. All of the
pages have been optimised for viewing at 600x800 high color, though most pages actually
have only 16 colors for fast loading.  All of the maps have clickable areas, most of
them are marked in BLUE.  The other clickable things are the cameras

Every camera is a link to a picture taken on the approximate site where the
camera sits on the map.
Each picture was taken in the late 1990's by myself unless otherwise noted.
Some cameras link you directly to the Denver Public Library's western history site.
Sometimes it's down, but that's the price I pay for free pictures of the RGS.

If you like the site, if you find the site distasteful, or if you just want to talk
narrow minded, email me. Roy Stevens

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