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The "N"uts

Garth Hamilton has been so kind as to moderate a mailing list on EGroups
for those of us that are crazy enough to model in this small corner of this
small scale. Since what we do is sometimes difficult, and those that
choose to do this are so few and far between, I have compiled this
list of who we are, where we are, and what we are good at.


This list is compiled from responses on list that I understood as consent to post.
Anyone listed here against their will, please contact me and your name will be immediately removed.
Because of new Web-bots roaming the web collecting email addresses for distribution to adult sites,
I have removed all email addresses. I strongly recommend joining the Nn3 email group.

Marshall Thomson
THE source for Nn3. Not a regular contributor to the list, but he does listen to the list. Anything directly related to him or
Republic Locomotive Works should be emailed directly to him. RLW carries almost anything Nn3. My hat goes off to Marshall for dedicating the time to keep the business going.
Republic Locomotive Works

16 Little Cape Horn
Cathlamet WA 98612
Tel (360) 577-6479
Fax (360) 423-9460

Roy Kraft, Munich, Bavaria - Germany
Computer Know-How

Chris Mears,
Mechanical Design, Prototype Research
(who is a hobby dealer also offering assistance with "anything on the market")

Ken Guthrie, Atlanta, Georgia
Casting Plastics Made Easy

Keith Walker, Olde City, Philadelphia
Photo Etching Methods for Track and Turnout Laying

Mark Fielder, West London England
"Might Make Bits and Pieces"
2mm Association Press manager

Tom Reid, Gilbert, Arizona
Layout Design (CD w/CadRail) Member NMRA SIG

Steve Boyd,
Electrical/Mechanical Advice

Arien Molyneaux,
Track Layout Concepts

Brian Dunn, PO Box 233  Los Alamos, California  93440-0233
(805) 344-3575
Reference Material, MR and MRC to 1955, all Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazettes and Railroad Modeller;
Railscan to track Articles, AutoCad 14 w/Cad Overlay & Scanner, Electronic Engineer,

Royston (Roy) Stevens, Salt Lake City Utah
Electrical Problems
You're looking at it

Jim LaBaugh,
Module Construction

Garth Hamilton, Fonthill Canada, between lakes Erie and Ontario
Locomotive, Track, Kit Building

Bill Rutherford,
Detailing and Weathering

Scott Thieben,
Prototype Information, incl. Mining Industry

Ted Brandon, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Expanding on Contents of new Nn3 Manual

Mike Chenoweth, 115A North Pleasant Hill Rd, East Peoria, IL 61611
Custom plastic casting, kit assembly and custom scratchbuilt buildings on a limited basis.

Jim Flynn, South Boston, VA

Marc Myers, Garland Texas

Steve Simpson, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Jerry Brush, Wauchula, Florida

Evan Hillman, Logan Utah

David T. Vickers, Saratoga Springs, Utah

Jacqui Dennison, Astcote, one hour north of London, England

Marc Starmans, Soest, in the Netherlands

Eric Bracher, near San Jose, Calif

Roger Otto, Littleton, Colorado

Mark Salvaterra, Marina del Rey, CA (soon Culver City)

Toc36, Annandale, VA

Scott Squires, Novato, California 

Tom Knapp, San Francisco California

Roberto Lombardi, Berkeley, California

Christopher Rehm, Rogers Arkansas

Philippe Schyns, Leiden, The Netherlands

Mark Wilson, Apple Valley Minnesota (southern burb of Mpls St. Paul)

Dave Styles, Dorking, UK

Gene Tencate Phoenix Arizona

Dick, Wingate,  North Carolina

John Norquist, Central Texas

Jack Matson, Vancouver Washington

Dave Homsey, Riverside, California.

Milt Perkins, Poway California

Arlen Molyneaux, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Philip Schwehm, Philippines

Michal Basta, Prague, Czech Republic

Tom Dennis, Olympia, Washington

Wayne, Chino California

Bill Kronenberger, Houston Texas

Steve Peebles, Richardson Texas

"Wags", Spokane Washington

Clay Newburn, Lower Dean England

Billy Roden, near Richardson Texas

Nick Kibre, Goleta CA (next to Santa Barbara)

Fcenrich, Rochester NY

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