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Nn3 Trackwork

Dual Gauge Primer

Think I'm nuts? Check out this Z/Zn3 turnout! Will not work with your average Marklin Lok, obviously.

The files these link to are scanned at 300dpi, and should provide VERY
accurate templates if printed on any printer that prints at 300 dpi.
(most new inkjets and cheaper laser printers)
If scaling is required, I recommend Graphic Workshop Professional
for Windows 95/98/NT machines. Available as shareware from

I have not made this one yet, but they have been done.

This was my very first attempt, from about six years ago.
It is in use in my staging yard / test track, except for the dual to single
gauge transfer, which was scrapped after proving to be impracticle.
The ride through the points is a bit rough, but everything I have makes
it, except for the Kato Mikado, which hangs up going through facing
point on both my switches. The guard rails are too close on too tight
a radius for the long wheelbase. The rest of my switches will be #6's.
Hopefully that will correct the problem.

My second, better looking, more robust attempt.

#8 curved dual gauge turnout.
Main line on a 16" radius, diverging route on a 12"

One of my #5 switches built to the plans in the Nn3 Manual.
IMHO, this is a MUCH better template for laying these switches.

My curved dual gauge crossing. The dual gauge is on an
eleven inch radius, the narrow on a nine.

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